Club room with kitchen


The club room is located on the 1st floor of the building. It is designed for cooking or for celebration. For example, you can cook a good lunch or bake a cake. There are two electric ovens, a fridge / freezer, a microwave and two hobs. The kitchen is equipped with kitchen utensils. Of course, there are two dining tables, a bar and a bathroom. If you want to cook you can borrow keys at the reception (without ISKAM reservation).

For booking a room for celebration such as birthdays, friends sitting, Halloween, etc., please make reservation via ISKAM in advance. The event costs CZK 100 per hour and a deposit of CZK 5000 is required, which will be returned immediately after handing in the keys and handing over the cleaned common room.

Student who pays the rent is also responsible for its conditions. Deposit is refunded if the club room is returned clean.

Be notice that refrigerator and freezer are not intended for storage. In order to prevent food spoilage, every Friday will cleaning lady check the refrigerator and freezer and everything will be thrown out.

Conditions for all:

  • it can be rented until 10.00 PM
  • enter only the indoor footwear
  • before leaving everything wash and clean up
  • you get the key at the reception
  • key return to the reception and wait for the control room receptionist

During the unannounced event, the borrowing for the purpose of cooking the food and the subsequent finding that it is an unauthorized event, the receptionist has the right to claim CZK 100 per hour and the deposit of CZK 5000 for organizing the event, or the immediate dissolution of the event.

We wish you a pleasant time!